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About Lake Forest Dental

Lake Forest Dental Choice is proud to serve the community of Lake Forest, and the surrounding Orange County areas, providing quality dental care and promoting oral health.

We take a holistic approach to dentistry at Lake Forest Dental Choice. We believe that, with good preventative measures, our patients will not have to worry about restorative treatments, or will minimize the need for them. Preventative dentistry includes oral hygiene education and nutritional counseling for oral health. We are proud to use the latest in dental technology to provide the highest quality services we can.

Every patient experience begins with an exam which includes the necessary diagnostic x-rays, periodic screening of every patient for sleep apnea, oral cancer, TMJ/TMD as well as any dental treatment that will enhance your dental and overall health.  Our team is here to help guide your through your treatment with a plan to tackle your priorities, our mission is for you to be comfortable and confident moving forward.

At Lake Forest Dental Choice we pride ourselves on being able to serve a wide range of your dental needs.  This includes dental implants, root canal therapy, crowns, bridges, dentures and partials, as well as routine cleanings along with tailored preventative counseling to meet your oral health needs.

We offer cosmetic dentistry services to give our patients a smile they’ll love. We are proud provider of Invisalign® (teeth straightening), Lumineers®, traditional veneers, both in office and take home teeth whitening, Snap-On Smiles as well as traditional orthodontics (braces).

Outside of general oral care we also provide mouth guards for patients involved in sports and TMJ/TMD appliances for patients that suffer from grinding their teeth and/or TMJ/TMD related pain.

One of the areas that sets up apart from your traditional dental office is our expertise in the area of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  Obstructive sleep apnea is related to the nose, throat and mouth area, we screen each of our patients for this condition in our office. If you snore, wake up in the night gasping for air, or wake up tired even after a full nights’ sleep and suspect that sleep apnea could be the problem, contact us to schedule a complimentary sleep apnea screening at our office.

We can treat mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea with an FDA approved oral appliance customized to fit each patient. The device works by positioning the lower jaw forward during sleep, keeping the airway open. The device fits in the palm of your hand, requires no electricity, wires or tubes and is easily packed into luggage for travel.

Not every person qualifies for Oral Appliance Therapy. That is why the decision must be made with a qualified physician, who reviews the home sleep test and makes a diagnosis. Oral Appliance Therapy is a medical procedure and is billed through medical insurance, not dental insurance. That’s why we are partnered with sleep physicians (Dedicated Sleep), the ACSDD as well as DreamSleep a national awareness group, and are IN-Network with all major medical PPO insurance providers to help put you on the path to diagnosis and treatment.

At Lake Forest Dental Choice, we have over 35 years of experience, so our patients can have the confidence that the care they receive is from informed and skilled professionals. We aim to make appointments as comfortable and convenient as possible for our patients, and we accept a variety of methods of payment to make it an easier process.

We love seeing patients of all ages at Lake Forest Dental Choice. Book an appointment online today to take care of your oral health. We look forward to meeting you and your family.

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