Partial Dentures for a Full Smile |
Partial Dentures for a Full Smile

Partial Dentures for a Full Smile

Dentures are one of the most popular solutions for missing teeth suggested by Dentists. There are so many options to choose from. The Removable Partial Dentures are most commonly chosen type of dentures. If you have missing teeth, a removable partial denture is one way to replace them.

Other reasons to replace missing teeth

When you lose a tooth, the nearby tooth may shift affecting your bite and making it difficult to clean shifted teeth which may lead of tooth decay and gum disease.

How partial dentures work

The partial dentures come with a metal/ acrylic base which matches the color of your gums. They have a clasp which attached to the natural teeth and can be easily taken off for cleaning.

Your New Removable Partial Denture

You may feel little awkward initially with the dentures but you will get used to it and won’t feel discomfort while eating and speaking.

Caring for Your Removable Partial Denture

You should not wear the removable partial dentures at night and store in a clean case. During the follow-up appointment, the dentist will make adjustments and repairs so it fits comfortably.


What Is A Partial Denture?

If you have one or more tooth remaining in upper or lower jaw, you can get a partial denture

There are different types of Partial Dentures to choose from the following options:

Cast Metal Partial Dentures

It comes with an almost invisible metal framework which attaches with the help of a clasp connected to the crown. The clasp may be visible when you smile.

Flexible Partial Dentures

These dentures are flexible, lightweight, and comfortable. It’s made of rylon and quite easy to insert in mouth without altering the natural teeth.

Tooth Flipper

This is more of a temporary solution which prevents bone loss till you get new denture and lets the gum heal. They are cheap, convenient but not good in quality.


From the above mentioned information, you should be clear about the type of dentures and choose the right option based on your budget and needs.