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Lumineers® in Lake Forest, CA

Lumineers® are an excellent option for people who are unhappy with the cosmetic appearance of their teeth. These ultra-thin porcelain slips fit perfectly over the teeth making them look cosmetically perfect, white and completely beautiful. An off-white or crooked smile can cause serious confidence problems. Lumineers® are a fantastic alternative for patients wanting a beautiful smile without surgery, harsh chemicals or painful treatments.

For Lumineers® to be applied, the underlying teeth, bone, and gums must be healthy. Patients with gum disease or tooth decay must be treated prior to placement of Lumineers® in Lake Forest, CA. Much like traditional dental veneers, Lumineers® can be left in place for over 20 years or removed upon request to expose the intact original teeth. Lumineers® can be fitted in just two appointments, and instantly add brilliance to anyone’s smile near Aliso Viejo, Laguna Woods, and Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.

Here are some of the problems that Lumineers® can solve:

  • Large gaps between the teeth.
  • Misaligned teeth.
  • Misshapen teeth.
  • Stained teeth.
  • Uneven gums and teeth.
  • Unnatural looking bridges and crowns.
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How can Lumineers® benefit me?

Lumineers® provide a wide range of advantages over similar treatments, such as traditional veneers. The most meaningful advantage to anxious patients is that no painful alterations of the teeth are required prior to the Lumineers® application. The covers themselves are so thin and unobtrusive that speech and eating are seldom affected.

Here are some of the other advantages of Lumineers®:

  • Lumineers® is the #1 Patient Requested Veneer
  • The only system proven in clinical studies to last over 20 years
  • Backed by a limited 5-year warranty
  • Made of patented Cerinate Porcelain
  • Ultra-strong so they can be made as thin or thick as the patient needs
  • Typically does not require grinding down sensitive tooth structure
  • Reduced chair time
  • Most cases no anesthetics or temporaries needed
  • Permanent whitening
  • Instant smile gratification
  • Fast placement
  • Nearly any smile issue can be solved
  • Porcelain-to-porcelain bonding

Looking for an expert Lumineers® dentist near you? We are here to help any patients near Mission Viejo, Foothill Ranch, and Laguna Hills, CA. Conveniently located in Lake Forest, CA, at Lake Forest Dental Choice, our passion is to enhance your smile. Contact our office today for your Lumineers® consultation, or book your appointment with us online today!


Brighten Stained & Discolored Teeth

Stained Before
Stained After

Restore Chipped Teeth

Chipped Before
Chipped After

Eliminate Spacing and Gaps

Gap Before
Gap After

Align Crooked Teeth

Crooked Before
Crooked After

Reshape Small or Misshapen Teeth

Reshape Before
Reshape After

Renew Old Dental Work

Renew Before
Renew After

Thickness Comparison

Thickness Comparison